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Termination notice

Termination Notices are required by law by the New Jersey Department of Insurance to be issued and mailed to their insured’s when the equity (or money) in a policy is running out within at least 20 days prior to the policies last day of coverage before it’s cancellation date.

Therefore, if you received a “Notice of Termination,” that means… that the equity you have paid into your policy is running out… There are several reasons this may be happening.

1) You may have missed one or more of your scheduled monthly payments.

2) You may have recently added a vehicle or increased your coverage which would therefore also increase  your policy premium payment amounts and shorten their due dates.

3) One or more of your payments was not honored by your bank thereby no funds were available to the Insurance Company.


Therefore whatever the reason… payment for at least the minimum amount due must be postmarked by the post office prior to the termination date and mailed directly to the Insurance Company, or payment may also be brought it in to our office, or even called-in to us via a phone call, with a credit or debit card but no later than the day before the termination date to assure reinstatement (or continuation) of your valuable Insurance coverage.



***Please Note: “We understand that these are hard economic times and that you may have extenuating circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to call us, since we are often able to make suggestions that may help you to preserve this valuable Insurance protection on you and your vehicle(s)…it’s just another one of those things we do for our valued clients.”