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Delete a Driver

Deleting a driver that is already on your policy is a little more difficult than to add a driver:                        First the Insurance Companies will want know to exactly why you are deleting a driver.

Did the listed driver get his/her own car and Insurance policy not written by Full Circle ?                                If this is the case, just provide us with a copy of their Insurance Card or Declaration page listing their name.

Did the listed driver move out of your household?                                                                                                   The Insurance Company will require either proof of their own new Car Insurance (as above) or proof of their new residence, such as: (a utility bill, bank statement, pay stub, tax documents or rent/mortgage receipts) showing their new address and dated within 45 days.

Did your son or daughter go off to college?                                                                                                                    If the college is more than 100 miles away from your home and your child did not bring one of your vehicles with them to school, the Insurance Company will require documents from the college to prove they are a student at that college campus.

{We know that there are other extenuating circumstances that may arise, such as divorce”s, separations, abandonment and the like, so it’s always best to call us first.}